Bridezilla Jennifer (Lauren Selman) barges into her sister and maid-of-honor?s house early Friday morning to tell her she has signed her up for online dating. With the positively unacceptable, asymmetrical wedding pictures at stake, Janie (Linnea George) agrees to go on four dates!

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Janie (Linnea George) meets her first blind date, Brad (Owen Thomas), businessman and womanizer who has a lot of money. His hobbies include working-out, skiing, sailing, drinking, partying and spending money only on himself.

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Janie (Linnea George) meets her second blind date, Alex (Jennifer Pauly). Alex is a tall, lanky Literature teacher and misunderstood lesbian that becomes the unfortunate victim of a rushed bridezilla sister. Her hobbies include reading, painting, walking and crossword puzzles.

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With promises of a firefighter, free food and wine, a very persuasive bridezilla Jennifer (Lauren Selman) convinces Janie (Linnea George) to go out on two more dates after her last two previous mismatches!

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In an unlikely series of events, Janie (Linnea George) ends up having drinks with Madeleine (Kanlaya Palivan), a very hard working Physics PhD student whose life completely revolves around work.

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Janie meets her fourth blind date, John (Omar Hussain), an engineer who gets extremely nervous around women he is attracted to. His hobbies include fixing and tinkering with all electronics, foosball, darts and hanging out with his fellow nerds.

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All alone on a Friday night, Janie (Linnea George) is surrounded by couples everywhere as she walks home alone.

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Jennifer (Lauren Selman) is flabbergasted that Janie has not found a date to her wedding! Additions to this scene include Mike (Andrew Cushman) and his dog (Little Guy). Besides teaching Little Guy some interesting tricks, he also likes taking Little Guy to the beach.

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